Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Vaughn Dongan (Loyalist Staten Islander)

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Vaughn Dongan, commander of the 3rd Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers in Skinner's Loyalist brigade was mortally wounded in a skirmish, midway between the Old Blazing Star Ferry and Prince's Bay. He was taken to a local farm (which I have yet to identify).  It may very well be The Abraham Manee Farmhouse in Prince's Bay, where British redoubts have been discovered nearby.


  1. the manee farmhouse, princes bay and according to flo spankovitch, the house was once a way station for travelers , kind of a hotel for stage coach people. if she was right about it being that, it would not be surprising a wounded person would be brought there. that was once a lovely place maintained most excellently by a woman who knew of it's historic value but also knew this would be her home. somewhere along the way, that idea got lost.

  2. What's the latest status on this house?Thank you.

  3. The owner of the house was sued by Landmarks Preservation Commission of NYC. The judge has yet to make a decision on whether the house can be saved. Ruling due this summer, they say.