Green and Red: Military Units, Loyalist, British, Hessian

The Watering Place

Stationed at the Watering Place (Tompkinsville) were the Fifty-second Foot.

The Third Regiment of Waldeck.

The Bayreuth Regiment and some British artillery.

Ansbach-Bayreuth troops leaving for America

 Five of the six battalions of Brig. Gen. Cortlandt Skinner's New Jersey Volunteers (Loyalists) were stationed as follows:

  • Lieut.-Col. Elisha Lawrence's First Battalion, 150 men, at Old Blazing Star (Rossville);
  • Lieut.-Col. Edward Dongan's Third Battalion, 100 men probably in the area of Cocclestowne (Richmondtowne);
  • Lieut.-Col. Abraham Van Buskirk's Fourth Battalion, 250 men, at Decker's Ferry (Port Richmond);
  • Lieut.-Col. Joseph Barton's Fifth Battalion, 250 men, at New Blazing Star (Travis); and
  • Lieut.-Col. Isac Allen's Six Battalion, 100 men, near Amboy Road between Billop's Point (Tottenville) and Egbert's (Gifford's) Lane (Greenridge?).

    Sword Belt Plate, ca.1778; Stamped “L. FUETER”Verso;
     Silver, Ensign (Lieutenant) Justus Earle,
     4th Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers, New Brunswick Museum, 2006.1.