The Phoenix and Rose August 1776

The Phoenix and the Rose engaged by the enemy's fire ships and galleys on the 16 Augst. 1776.

Battle of Staten Island, August 22, 1777

Lieut.Col. Edward Vaughn Dongan of the Third Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers (a Loyalist unit) crossed over the "Sound" (Arthur Kill) from Staten Island to New Jersey on August 19th, capturing 14 prisoners, 100 head of cattle, and "destroying a large quanity of supplies."

General Sullivan's NJ Militia counter-attacked with a raid on Staten Island.  There weree roughly 1,600 British forces posted throughought the Island from the Watering Place to Prince's Bay. General Ogden also crossed the Sound and attacked Col. Dongan's unit as they met on the road to Cocclestowne (Richmondtowne), where Dongan was mortally wounded, dying three days later.